Happy birthday Chrose

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Hey Man,


I hope you have a wonderful day,you deserve it.

All my best and respect.

Brad :chef: :bounce:
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Happy Birthday!!! As I recall your menus about this time of year are wonderous.......possibly that New Year/birthday combo.
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Yes, indeedy! Every year we're still here, WE'RE STILL HERE!! :D :bounce:

Happy happy birthday!
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If I were as computer-savvy as you are, chrose, I'd paste a photo here of myself, doing a special "chrose birthday jig". I just think of you, and I can't help but dance!!

Happy Birthday, old man!:p
Lots of great health in the years to come.
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Ditto all the above :bounce: :bounce: Have a very happy birthday chrose and a great New Year.

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Thank you all for the very nice thoughts and wishes. It was a quiet birthday, I did some painting in the house and we went out to dinner at a family style restaurant that we had coupons to. I had 2-22oz Fosters so all was right with the world at the time. If you go there on your B-day you get this hot fudge cake with vanilla ice cream that's enough for all 3 of us to share. So beer and cake..as Homer said "it's all good"!

I was looking up duck recipes on Cheftalk and ran across a thread from lat January asking how all our holidays were and I looked at my response. Food wise it's almost identical to what we did this year! Perhaps I am getting too complacent , lazy, uninspired or just plain boring! (Still it was tasty!) For Xmas eve we had Shrimp cocktail to start and for dinner, grilled Porterhouses with White Truffle butter, Garlic smashed potatoes with Parm and white truffles and sauteed baby squash and of course Chocolate Mousse for dessert. We washed it down with a nice, spicy 1998 Haut-Medoc. Xmas we had of course a glazed ham with pineapple and roasted sweet potatoes and more mousse.
Tonight it's Duck L'Orange with Wild rice cakes and something else, Cherry pie and a chilled Gewurztraminer. Next week it's back to tofu and brown rice again!
As far as a picture of a dancing me...I'll have to work on it!
I do though have pics of our new house and dog. I will make a separate post on that for you to see the pics I have.

So again thank you everyone and a healthy and happy new year to all of you.
And like whoever it was that said it "No matter where you go in this world...there you are"!
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