Happy Birthday, Chiffonade!!

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Happy Birthday, Chiffonade! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Here's wishing you a really lovely day. :D
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Happy Birthday Chiffonade,i hope you have a wonderful day and you are not in work,Leo.:chef:
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Ahh another B'day for the Chiff one! Hope the birthday fairy brings you lots 'o toys and a few new calories!


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Sorry to be late to wish you a happy birthday Chiff. I'm sure you had a lovely time and a fantastic cake.
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Thank you! We had a wonderful day. This is my first birthday in Florida. We had NY steak with Salad and Cake. DH usually makes me a cake out of the Cake Bible but didn't have time this year - which turned out to be for the better.

We had just enjoyed our dinner and were eating a piece of (terribly mediocre) supermarket birthday cake :rolleyes: when we all turned to see something one of the cats was doing on the floor to ceiling cat post. He was circling the main post, using his feet to propel himself off the wall. It was hilarious. Suddenly, I heard DH yell HEY!! The Springer Spaniel had lurped a big nekkid spot in the icing on the (terribly mediocre) supermarket cake. Biggest laugh I had all day!!

DH got me The Nekkid Chef Takes Off By Jamie Oliver. We both love watching this guy because his food is rustic and goes together quickly.

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