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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone can suggest a good handheld meter and which probes you suggest I get. I was mostly looking for something like this image below. I heard that thermoworks are really good. I only have 1 "requirement" I do not want a thermapen for now I'd rather have a good handheld and buy a pen in the future.

I will be using it mostly for

1) Roasting

2) Grilling

3) BBQ

So I am not sure which probes are best. As I am tired of trying to guess at which temp a roast is at etc =)


Thanks in advance.
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Thermo works can be a bit pricy but they have a comprehensive selection. Some of the best stuff. Complete systems as well for tracking and storing temps as well as the standard probe.
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Ok great :) could u suggest a specific model ? My  budget is around $150 and what probes do you think I need for thick roasts and grilling(I know handheld is not best for grilling but I cant afford a pen for now).

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