hand pastry blender?

Joined May 29, 1999
The fixed blade would give a faster blend. The wire one is too wipmy on ice cold butter. I tend not to use them, I will cube the ice cold butter and blend on the mixer with flour until sandy in texture.
Joined Dec 30, 1999
Assuming that any of you true chefs even use these (to cut in ie: butter into flour), I see that there are two different kinds. One with wire and one with stiff metal blades. Do you have a preference?

Also, I ran across a wire one with a wooden handle that swivels (as if you were holding the center of a rolling pin). Would this be better or worse? Or is it just personal preference?
Joined Aug 11, 2000
I do occasionally use one and it has stiff blades no swivel handle and I use it to avoid cleaning the cuisinart or when I'm without electricity....or when I just feel like I need a stress reliever.....
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