Hand cut French fries

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never used hot water
never used salt
no reason to 'soak' - since i cut mine INTO a 5-gal bucket, I fill it up (and drain) a few times til water runs more clear - thats it. 5 minutes max
then top with water (so they don't brown) and into the walkin until ready for 1st cook. If I'm ready to cook right away, then I just empty bucket into big collander.

GENERALLY, that means my fries are going into the oil COLD, instead of warm, like yours. Bigger Delta-T is desired so they soak up less oil.

How many mins is 1st cook?

--> "We then toss these in a plastic tub and put in the walk in cooler until service. " YES
--> "At service we fry until brown and crispy." YES
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