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I was wondering if anybody had hand blender recommendations, or things to look out for? I'm based in the UK, and would like it to include a beaker and whisk and food processor attachments if possible (so I can retire the dedicated, and cheap, ones I currently have). I'm probably looking to spend up to ~50 pounds? I don't have a well defined budget to be honest, more a case of getting something good enough (and good value).

I also have a couple of related questions. In my head a hand blender with various attachments is the ideal setup - I don't have it now because my girlfriend already had a food processor/smoothie machine and a whisk (both pretty cheap I think): It's easier to store, and you are only paying for a motor once, and so presumably it will be better than investing the same money on three different items with their own motors. I also find an immersion blender more versatile for most things anyway, as you can blend directly in the pot when required, and it's easier to hunt down pesky solid bits. I see looking at past threads that most people disagree, and see value in a separate processor (and even smoothie blender, which really baffles me - I hate jug blenders! So, what are the benefits of having a separate food processor?

I've also noticed in restaurant supply stores (which I often use for cookware) they often sell 'commercial' hand blenders which are a relatively low wattage (175-200W) but quite pricey compared to 700-800W ones you can get on Amazon. E.g. http://www.nisbets.co.uk/Dynamic-Dynamix-Stick-Blender-MX050/CF001/ProductDetail.raction. I assumed the wattage was important for reliability (i.e. trying to blend stuff the motor couldn't cope with being a reason blenders often die), but I'm guessing I'm wrong, so what makes these worth their price?



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The whisk is nice. The food processor attachment is weak. There isn't enough motor in a hand held for that task.

Braun lasted the longest, but I don't see them on the market any more. Kitchenaid and cuisinart are both decent for home use.
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