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    I haven't used it much lately, so I did today just on a couple onions, a couple stalks of celery, 2 carrots and a few cloves of garlic, but I'm going to use it to make a huge veggie soup and some sides tomorrow, so I'll comment more in depth tomorrow, but it's got a nice flat spot, but with a rather abrupt but continuous sweep starting about half way up the blade. It's very thin at the edge, medium thick at the spine, not a ton of distal taper, but it's there especially starting about 2 and a half inches from the tip. Great F&F on the blade, relieved choil, rounded spine, handle is nice as I like D handles, but there is a bit of a step on the ferrule. The grinds are relatively flat, but still asymmetric. It actually wedged a little on one of the large onions when it got towards the top of the blade, which I never remember it doing. Only been on the stones for a super quick touch up once, 6000 grit, though there was a card in the box from Bernal Cutlery which said the 1st sharpening was complementary, the way it was worded I never knew if it meant they opened it up for me pre-delivery, or if it meant I have a free sharpening if I mailed it to them/stopped in lol. It feels a lot taller at the heel then it is, but not in a bad way. This is still a very nimble knife, but it has board presence for a 210, along with decent knuckle clearance, though I have medium hands. This is no laser, but it's not a beast either, I'd say you can call it a workhorse, but the edge is very thin, so you have to treat it proper. I like this knife a lot, on top of it's performance it's a looker, especially at this price point for a stainless clad. But it could probably use a little thinning ootb, something I've never been overly keen on doing, I'm admittedly a very novice sharpener for someone whose owned so many knives. I'm not a poor sharpener and I'm pretty confident with a steady and consistent angle hold, but I always feel like I'm not doing the blades justice haha.

    Anyway, I might sharpen it up before using it tomorrow. I'm at an home cook, haven't been in a pro setting in about a decade, but I'll wind up prepping something like a 3lb bag of onions, a mess of mushrooms, a pound of carrots, a bulb of garlic, maybe 4 bell peppers, a head of cauliflower and a couple broccoli crowns, some squash, couple potatoes, a lot of celery and maybe a couple other vegetables I'm forgetting tomorrow, so I'll report back later in the day.

    This was a nice knife for slicing up chicken breasts and boneless steak as well, at least when I first got it. Making fish tomorrow so won't be able to revisit that though.
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    Thank you for review! My main issue is I can't try them out myself so I have to go with descriptions, so thanks for that.
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    Dave, was the Bernal card written in the past tense or future tense?

    [edit]. Answered my own question: “All knives sold at Bernal Cutlery come with a free follow-up sharpening.“

    I’m looking forward to visiting their shop soon. I’ll be bringing a few potatoes and over-ripe tomatoes with me. :)
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