Ham for the holidays

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Hi all , I'm looking for a recipe for a holiday ham. Years ago I watched Aretha Franklin share her recipe using Verners' gingerale but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays everyone:lips:
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This is easy I use it at work and home everyone loves it. Trick is slow coo9k ham at low temp like 250-275. Keep in mind a smoked ham is already cooked you are in reality just heating it. Remove dk brown skin on ham but leave some fat on it make some slits if you like it helps hold glaze.

Make a thick paste of brown mustard (Guildens or Frenches brand is good) and Dark Brown sugar, a bit of ground cloves and nutmeg put all over ham and baste whenever you want. When you are ready to serve pour all pan drippings over ham. ENJOY.
P/S Ham drippings can also be used to pour over sweet potatoes if you like.;)
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Sorry, ED, but this is not always true. I buy a brand of smoked ham that the label specifically says it is not fully cooked, and needs to be heated to a particular internal temperature before eating.
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Soak the ham for 24 hrs Changing the water now n again (wherever i buy it and whatever the quality, i think it needs a soaking to get rid of residual salt. NB I treat smoked the same as unsmoked)

I boil my ham. Well steam actually. Its 4lbs and sits on a trivet of veg. Leeks, carrots and onions. Add 6 bayleaves, lots of peppercorns and a bottle of white wine. Stick on a cartouche,and a tight lid and steam for 2 hours.

Take off the skin. Score. Slather with a mix of 3tbs rich honey(i use greek. But I've just bought some Italian chestnut, so i may try it instead) and 2 tbs Dijon mustard
Stick in a hot oven for 30 mins

As I was reminded the other day,the flavour in the ham doesnt dissipate and make a stock so much this way. Rather, it absorbs the flavours of the wine and veges. The flavour is sensational

Sorry its not Arethas, but worth a go

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