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Hallo to everybody!!!

My name i Simone and I am a restaurant owner in Bologna, Italy.

My city is very famous for the excellent quality of the food and i serve it in my restaurant.

I hope to get a lot of friend in this beautiful site

I hope to write in a quite good english...

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Welcome to ChefTalk!

How nice to have a new member from Italy, one of my favourite countries in the world!  We have membership spread around the globe - and all levels of expertise from those just starting out on their culinary adventures to masterchefs - and all points in between!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.  The wikis, blogs, photograph galleries, reviews and articles on the site are also well worth you spending time having a look.

We have a couple of Italy-based members, including Siduri, who is an American but has lived in Rome for many, many years.

PS - Your English looks fine to me - but then I'm Scottish, so who am I to judge?!
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Thanks for your friendly, I love so much Scotland...I was  three years ago...in Edimburgh for a holiday...

I will read a lot of threads...and I hope can help someone if you want...

Thanks a lot

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