hallo evrybudy !!!

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    My name is tzvika (im from israel if u wondering about the name)
    Has i say i from israel n im in the end of my army duty (lest year ov 3)
    Im not here for some political things belive me i want peace more then evrybudy :)
    I allweys love to cook but year n half ago i decied that what i want to do in my life
    so i started to lurn by my self , i begined with some a nice israeling chef thet give a internet
    Short academy , n continue with buing n lurning the "cook's book" by jill norman .
    Meanwhile my colinary expirince is about cooking in my on kitchen alot , n once to be with
    the chaf tibo - chef of the france ammbasi in israel , i think i found the right place
    whan joing u beacuse when i sarche for israeling food forms all i found was saling n commerchinalety (shame on us :) )
    Im also like to read about the cuisine history .
    P.s. Im polegise ahead for my wrighting mistakes has u can understend
    its not my natural languidg :).
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    Welcome to Cheftalk tzvika.

    Glad you found us. Have a look around the forums. There is a section dedicated to professionals which are read only but you are most welcome to post in all the other fields. If you can't find what you are looking for , by all means start your own relevant thread.

    When you have some time, check out the reviews, articles and gallery. Don't hesitate to use the search bar . We look forward to some of your recipes if you have any to share.

    If you have any questions , just contact a Moderator and they will help you out.

    Look forward to seeing you around the site.