Halibut cheeks, OMG!!

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I was in the local Whole Foods the other day and they had halibut cheeks dislayed. I have never had them but they looked interesting so I bought 6 of them. OMG! These things are friggin' awesome! I found several suggestions on how to prepare them but decieded on the simple method of salting them and pan searing in EVOO for about 2-3 minutes a side and then finish with a little butter in the pan and toss to coat. They have a texture similar to crab legs and a taste somewhere between crab, lobster with maybe a little oyster on the half shell thrown in. Very easy to prepare and very, very tasty! Why don't you hear more about cheeks? :roll:
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They are the best part of the fish taste wise. In Chinese imperial banquets, they are reserved for the most privileged/honoured guest. The fish, if served whole, is placed on the table with the head facing that guest, so (s)he has easy access to it, as a sign of respect :)

Not everyone thinks they are nasty....
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well you don't hear more about them, cause every one of the big hurkin' fish only has two??
I live in Southeast Alaska and halibut is good, but to me our salmon, snapper, and cod are soooo much better. and I honestly don't see the fuss about cheeks.

Since fish are sold headed and gutted many of the cheeks are sold at the dock and/or to local restaurants.

Where do you live, might be able to get a connection??

also the halibut and snapper have a really pretty ear bone, looks like a delicate shell that many around here use for jewelry, again, only two per fish, so spendy!

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Cheeks are wonderful. I like them lightly salted or coated in miso and grilled. Still trying to find a place that will sell me salmon cheeks. I hope the rest of the world never finds out about fish cheeks, otherwise prices will go up, lol.


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Shhhh... :D

Gah too late I suppose. Another hidden pleasure gone mainstream.
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