Half and quarter sheet pan cooling racks

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I was given a set of sheet pans as a gift, 2 half sheet and 2 quarter sheet pans.

Unfortunately, I cannot find cooling racks that fit these sizes...

Any suggestions or links would be apprecaited.
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Generally speaking you won't find them identified that way in most stores (restaurant supply places excepted). But if you check where they keep the baking pans etc. you'll find racks that almost fit.

F'rinstance, as with one of the links Pete provided for 1/4 pan racks, the measurements are 8 x 10, which is slightly smaller than the pan. A fairly common rack designed for cookie sheets fits almost perfectly in a half-sheet, leaving about an inch space on each side long side, and a hilf inch on the ends.

I did find, in Ace, one that was a perfect fit in a 1/4 sheet. Unfortunately, the bars only go in one direction, and some small stuff won't work with it.
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That expalins why I didn't find what I wanted.

Chefs simple search did the trick.

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Actually, restaurant supply can be a great way to go for something like this, if you have somebody like that nearby.  If you're going to go for baking as well as cooling (and I assume you are) try to go for real stainless.  A lot of the racks that are designed for cooling are chromed zinc, and not as good for oven use.
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