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Hi friends,

I'm particularly interested in the applicaiton of HACCP or similar in indepentant restaurants. In fact i'm on a team at Salford University looking at ways of getting it accepted by caterers in the UK (i'm one of the chef members i should add).
To try and achieve this we're changing the format completely to make it user friendly. It's hard work.

Has anyone out there in Sunny Australia ((the weathers crap here today) any experience of HACCP or similar systems. In other words: What do you do about food safety in your restaurant.

My sister who's been a caterer out there for the past 35 years and runs a hotel is just getting interested in it. So i've been over to have a look at the catering but not much on food safety.

all replies greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe, Jerry. We will look forward to learning from you!

Please take a look at the Global Chefs' forum and the other professionals' forums. Posting your inquiries there may bring them better visibility and faster replies than here in the Welcome Forum.

We'd love to hear more of your introduction here, though. Welcome!

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Hello Jerry,i thought that HACCP was practiced in all food establishments.This is obviously not the case as many environmental health officers are finding out.Surely every person in a supervisory/managerial position is aware of the reason behind it?How can they plead ignorance?
HACCP is there for the benefit of the consumer and the food handler.The term "due diligence"is clearly alien to some people`s vocabulary!
I know the HCIMA courses and advanced City & Guilds courses cover HACCP in great detail.
There must be a method of educating food handlers without having to resort to legislation or taking people to court.
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legislation within Australia is tending towards a HACCP system which is integrated into health inspections etc. Documentation of processes will be the norm (just like a ISO accredited process) with accountability for "systems out of control" situations.

Obviously, something that NASA started as a form of protection for astronauts against food poisoning is starting to gain momentum worldwide as a useful tool against food poisoning.

Anyway, i digress, and the best place to contact re this matter would be:
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I have been working as a chef for the past twelve years (eight in Ireland) and HACCP has been around for at least that. The paperwork has got that bad that I am in the process of creating a computer system to log temperatures and record processes.

I have not seen a HACCP system that controls the ful Farm to Fork tracability that is required in a correctly run system. I think my system will be the easiest to use System around.

Quarterly visits from our EHO will in the future be a thing of the past
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