Habanero Pepper Problem

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I use habanero peppers often and strongly believe in great flavor with the intense heat - especially with making Hot sauce. My problem is that I Like to fire grill them with a couple pieces of mesquite or hickory -- whatevers on hand and roast them. My kitchen in my restaurant does not have a super powerful hood and therefore with one door and little ventilation - - My eyes and throat kill me for days after. I don't have time to roast them on my own outdoor grill at home and dislike the oils that come in a "eye dropper" - Too muddy for me. Tried the oven - not the same flavor. ANY IDEAS or tricks anyone knows of OR should I just start wearing a mask?
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Can you fashion a cover for the peppers while they're on the grill? Even just a hotel pan might work. Anything that contains the fumes while they're being created.

But as a side issue, I'm a little confused: you say "My kitchen in my restaurant does not have a super powerful hood and therefore with one door and little ventilation . . . ." Is that legal?
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I do a similar preparation in a similar kitchen.
I wear swimming goggles and a neckerchief over my lower face.
I look silly as **** but no one can be in the kitchen to see it because of the fumes.
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this might work:

take a half hotel pan and put some wood chips in the bottom. put a perforated half pan on top and lay the peppers on it. cover this with a shallow half pan, or if you have a stainless half pan lid, use that. put it on the burner on medium low heat for about ten minutes if you want to "hot-smoke" it, or bring it just to the smoking point on medium high heat and then pull it off and let it rest (covered, of course) for about twenty minutes to "cold-smoke" it.

the general idea might also work in a chafing dish. i think this might alleviate your watery eyes problem since the smoke is contained within the covered apparatus. just make sure to uncover it under the hood, or in a well-ventilated area. and if i were you i'd be wearing gloves with habaneros anyway, even though they tell me gloves are for weenies.

good luck.
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try simply placing a peice of foil about 4" x 4" and fasioned into a dome over 4-5 habernero peppers. turn ocassionaly. or try putting lotion on your face before you raost them then wash your face with astringent afterwards. this should block the capsacin and remove it without getting into your pores. as far as breathing that junk i dont know how to help ya.
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