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i've had an account here at chef talk for some time know, but never really participated. Now that i've been promoted to back of house manager im serching for answers and clarity more then ever. I like the control and the responsibility but boy do i miss the simplicity of cooking! I'm also a tad on the young side and really need as much information and knowledge as posible to catch up with my passion, so Im going to participate more here at cheftalk, thanks.

Joined Aug 29, 2000
Thank you for re-introducing yourself, Kenneth. Chef Talk is a wonderful resource for professionals like yourself, as our members range widely in experience and age. Be sure to have a look around the site, as we've had many upgrades in the past year or so: blogs, cooking articles, photo gallery, etc. The search tool will be a big help in finding those older threads with valuable insights and information.

We hope you visit and contribute often.
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