Gummy coated chicken

Joined Jan 7, 2010
Tried a traditional (seasoned flour/eggwash/coating) chicken tender recipe using fresh, pulverized tortilla chips as the coating. Baked in convection oven at 350 degrees. Finished pieces looked great, but coating was gummy and chewy. Also, had to hold for service in hot box and this just made matters worse. Comments to get a crustier finish without frying?
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Try pan searing them then baking. If you have to hold them in a hot box make sure they are unwrapped so they dont steam. Also, the tortilla might be a bad coating, try panko bread crumbs
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racks in your hotel pan to elevate the chicken and give it even heat flow instead of sitting in cooking juices? just a shot
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When you hold it in your hotel pan can you hold it under heat lamps with no lid? That might help with the texture. Searing them first would help as would using a different type of coating.
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