Gulf Shrimp and Sausage

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by statscook, Aug 26, 2012.

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    My apartment-mate and I went to the grocery store today, and on sale was the fresh gulf shrimp and if you bought two pounds you got a pound of smoked sausage and some cajun seasoning free.

    so anyways, I now have 2lbs of shrimp, 2 or 3 lbs of this sausage it's Eckrich smoked sausage (unfortunately I didn't have the option to get their kiebalsa because I already had a pound of the smoked in my fridge at home, oh well)  and this seasoning which appears to have mustard seed, coriander, red pepper, bay leaves, dill seed, cloves and allspice in it.(it's a couple bags in this box of this spice mixture)

    Any suggestions on what I can make with this? I was thinking just a boil but there's probably more fun to be had in other dishes. I'm looking for something that's not too time consuming I start classes tomorrow so I have class from 8am and get done around 2ish most days then have school work.

    So any suggestions for this shrimp? I am real excited to do something with it, this will be my first time cooking shrimp outside of in some lo mein

    speaking of which if there's anything in particular I should know about cooking shrimp let me know

    thanks a ton!

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    I think it is hard to beat a good jambalaya and with your sausage and shrimp along with the spices it sounds like a natural fit. You could also do a gumbo if you like okra but you should know how to make a good dark roux (not so much difficult as time consuming). The only real tip I have for cooking shrimp is to use them quickly and avoid overcooking them. In both of the above dishes you'll want to add the shrimp last. Cook them just long enough that they become opaque.
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    Jambalaya sounds good!  But if you don't have the time for it then make a quick stir fry.  Cut up some red onion and bell peppers into chunks.  Meanwhile place the sausage in the microwave to cook through, and then afterwards cut it into same sized chunks as the veggies.  Clean your shrimp and peel and de-vein.  Place them between paper towels so that they dry thoroughly.

    Have some oil, soy sauce, and your seasoning on hand.  Perhaps some white wine or vermouth as well.  When you start your stir fry you'll need all your ingredients and plates on standby.  Use a large pan or wok with a bit of oil.  Add the sausage first and fry until it gets color and is done.  Dump it out and add the shrimp.  Season them and fry them fast until its almost cooked through. Dump with the sausage.  Then throw in the veggies, don't overcook.  At this point add the soy sauce, and/or vermouth.  Put in the sausage and shrimp and stir everything through.  Serve with rice or polenta. 

    I would only use the seasoning they gave you on the shrimp, otherwise it may be too strong.