Guess What Kind Of Pet I and My Brothers Own?

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I have an interesting pet named Mr. "No I'm Not Fat" Stripes (a cat) - who at 18 lbs swears he has a very slow metabolism and is the victim of a too thin-obsessed cat society.
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That was pretty funny... :)

I am the proud keeper of two rabbits. Thay can't stop talking about Easter...
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I have a totally obnoxious domestic long haired cat named Priscilla. All she wants to do is eat. If she doesn't like the paricular brand of cat food I've offered her she gets an insulted look on her face and loudly objects. If I yell at her she gets louder and louder until she gets her way. One day I came in from work completely worn out. The first thing I do is feed the pets, but Priscilla was pulling her usual 'difficult' act, and I was just too tired to play the game. I snatched up the hand hose on the kitchen sink and let her have it. Ummm...I didn't know cats can walk on the ceiling :)
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I have a Quaker Parrot! Who doesn't like anyone to take him out of the cage. If you grab him, he locks his claws on the cage so you can't pull him out. He rather get out on his own, and after he is out he just sits there on top of the cage and starts laughing sarchasticly. He still young, but is learning a lot of new phrases, although I belive he likes my jokes, he can't stop laughing :p
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If you want to talk about wierd pets, all you need is a siamese cat, they have ATTITUDE !!.
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I own a Black Persian and his name is MAX.

MAX sleeps 16 hours a day, preens for 3 hours, eats for a total of 2 hours (he actually munches), sits and stares, God knows what he stares at, (his bowl, the walls...) for I don't know how long, and is afraid the rest of the time.

In the morning, he likes to walk all over me, then he jumps on my shoulder, then stares closely into my face and purrs. That's his way to tell me he wants breakfast, hee-hee!


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We have an adopted an orphaned standard Schnauzer named Frayser(because he was found in the Frayser area of Memphis). After have a mini schnauzer that was every bit a lady, this one is a trip. He belches and passes gas and doesn't even have the grace to look embarassed. He is all boy...and my college sons just adore it. At 31# I have trouble convincing him he's not a lap dog... :)
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I LOVE Siamese cats :) Actually, I love ALL cats, but the Siamese definitely has an attitude. I've had several cats through the years. We also have a ferret. Now there is an animal that will keep you in stitches :) And I can't leave out Snoopy and Suzanne, our sixteen year old Cocker Spaniels. We bought this house specifically so they could have the yard.
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Actually, the letter A in the word cat stands for ATTITUDE! After a 20-year acquaintance with a noble member of the feline persuasion, I feel qualified to say that anyone who is kept as a pet by a cat should feel honored. :D
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I'm the abused pet of my 4 cats! 2 princess females that fluff all day and hiss at my 2 wild and crazy males.

My dominate male thinks he's a dog...he has a leash and gets very excited going for walks around the yard! He's sooo tough he stands his ground with barking dogs...I keep trying to tell him he doesn't have claws and running would be a better option but he's quite certain he's KING of the WHOLE world!

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I have a big red dog named Billy Biscuit. He looks like a red siberean husky. I also had a tabby cat ( until the biker-maniac down the street ran over her. :( ) Cookie (the cat) was quite a character---only 7 lbs. , house-trained (no litterbox, thank God!), and always on the wrong side of every door. She would sit and meow at the door to go out. No amount of "Shut up, Cookie!" or ignoring her would stop the moewing until someone let her out. she also had the habit of climbing up on my dresser at 3 AM and scratching at the mirror until someone let her out. It was a very soft, quiet scratching on the glass, but something about it would wake you out of the deepest sleep. She also was quite a hunter for such a little thing. One moring there was a decapitated rabbit on both the front and back porches!
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I have a medium? haired cat (she's considered a short hair--but its the longest "short hair" I've ever seen!)

She looks and walks like the cat that Pepe La Pew chases after! She has 3 main passions in life -- men, chocolate and roses! (No she's not fed chocolate, but she will find it, wherever it is hidden!) If you have a mixed floral arrangment, she will pull out all the roses and walks around the house with them in between her teeth! Like Ms Don Juan Kitty!

She just loves our guests and personally (cattily?) greets each of our B&B guests. Sometimes she falls in love with a particular (and always male) guest. Then she sits outside his room and waits for hime to come out and play. If he should leave the house to hit the Alamo or Riverwalk, she sits at the glass front door and waits for him to come back. And when they check out, she's devastated!

She also has 2 male cats in the neighborhood that come to pay homage to the princess! She is fixed but these 2 always look in the windows, trying to find her! The one, "Ugly Cat" (honestly-the ugliest cat in the world!) puts his nose on one side of the glass, she puts her nose against his on her side, it's soooo cute! A kitty movie, yet to be filmed! The other cat (orange tabby, walks like a football player, no tail, missing one ear and is definitely all male) sits outside and meows until she comes to say hello. She runs up to the dooor, realizes it's not Ugly Cat and "gives him the tail". Then goes back to playing wuth the guests we so thoughtfully supply!

She sits on my head and "kneads" my temple when I have a headache. If you have a heating pad for some ache or whatever, she must have one too (or she'll steal yours!).

What can I say, she's my precocious teen!

(and not a little spoiled!)
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I love your post, Lynne :) Your cat sounds like priscilla. They know they're beautiful and love to whip up on the boys. We have a neighboring ugly cat too, poor guy. First she'll whip up on him on our porch, and then attack him on his own. I have to keep a squirt bottle by the bed for her little 'middle of the night' jaunts. She won't take no for an answer either, but she doesn't stop to argue with the water bottle :)
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My husband and I have two beagle puppies- Dudley and Bailey. They aren't unique, but arent' all puppies hilarious?

Like the time Bailey jumped off the couch into the window blinds because he was trying to see outside and he's too short to see out standing on his hind legs. I was outside with Dudley, and I heard this "thump".

Then there is the large amounts of time Dudley spends trying to find "that dog" that he sees in the reflection of the tv. He stares at it, and when it moves, he jumps to the left or right, trying to play with it.

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We have a low maintainance pet rabbit called Snowball.He is still a novilty for our three girls.I'm am bored of him already.He is a white rabbit that the person from whom we got it called it an albino rabbit.I've also heard it called a meat rabbit :D .Anybody have any good rabbit recipes? :D .I don't think I could bring myself to butcher an animal :eek: Any of you cooks have that home farm country experience? ;)
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I grew up with so many pets. My mother grew free birds at home. Dogs eabbits, hamsters, ferrots, guini pigs(no cats my dad's allergic), ducks to name a few.(She's still angry at me every time i cook rabbits)

I don't have what it takes to grow pets the only one i have is a wild yeast colony named Aziza. I caught her two years ago on apple skins. She's wondeful. Obedeient. Useful. Usually clean, although once in a while she trashes my refreigrator.
She has two daughters - Anastasia(lives at my mother's place) and claudin(my sister got her).
Any other kind of pet is beyond me. I'm the kind of person who can kill a plastic plant.
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I'll swap you my best rabbit recipe for a dog stew recipe.

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