Growing your own herbs

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Alright Chefs! Does anyone grow their own herbs or veggies on site for their restaurant? We have a massive patio and they may just be enough room to sustain us for the season. My only concern is proving it is coming from a reputable source. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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We have our own organic herb garden right next to the front entrance. And I'm not shy of picking fresh basil or mint while there's a line outside waiting for a table. You should see the looks of the customers as the sweet smells permeate the dining room as I make a slow trek back to the kitchen. Great image builder and, of course, great convenience to have fresh herbs at the ready. Never had to prove anything to the Health inspector.


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Shouldn't be an issue.  At least I've never had an issue with it.  Inspectors tend to be a lot less concerned about where fruits, vegetables and herbs come from than with meats and such.  I used to buy vegetables from the backs of trucks or from farmers that stopped by my places with great produce so having it grown right on-site shouldn't present a problem.
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