growing your own herbs??

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    Do ya?  Where I live in NJ, growing ANYTHING food related outside has become pretty much impossible.  Too many CRITTERS and not enough ambition to wage all-out war against them.  Last time I had an in-ground garden, the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and/or groundhogs thought I had opened a free salad bar.  One morning, row of bush beans with cute little beans about an inch long... that afternoon... only about an INCH of the plant left.  Groundhogs had the you-know-whats to try hauling tomatoes from OUTSIDE the yard UNDER the fence and across yard to their "condo" under neighbor's shed.  Tried container gardening with a few patio tomatoes on my low deck.  Came home to find pot pulled OFF deck!  Last summer had decent crop of several herbs in containers attached to deck railing.  Italian parsely, chives, cilantro, oregano... all doing nicely... then POOF!  GONE!

    Bought basil in supermarket once that had roots.  Was fairly successful in potting up what I didn't use and got some extra use out of it... but think it really wanted to be outdoors.  Have succeeded in NOT killing one of those little rosemary "Christmas trees" after several fails in the past.  Once I found out that they pretty much immediately HAVE to be repotted (nothing but roots in pot), plant seems happy and awaiting spending warm months out on deck.  Have a small bay tree that I may have mortally wounded out of neglect?!?  I t was sitting by a sunny window in a room I don't go into every day... I forgot about it until I noticed it severely wilted!!  First attemt at reviving involved a LOW soaking of water.  Droopy leaves did NOT perk up... UH OH?!?  Yesterday, did some extreme "surgery" on it... cut EVERYTHING back to where inside brances looked green and hoping for the best.

    If you grow your own herbs, what have you been successful with?
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    I grow my own, but outdoors. Here in Los Angeles, the soil is pretty much sand. 

    Rosemary was the most successful for me. A chef gave me 4 sprigs. On 3 of them I did all sorts of things recommended by others, such as strip the leaves, cut the stem at an angle, add some products etc... those 3 all died. The 4th sprig I just put as is in a glass of water, and it rooted in 1-2 weeks. I then planted it in my backyard and today I have a nice size rosemary bush. The more I cut from the bush to cook with, the more the bush grows. 

    Mint was very successful as well. Bought it in the store, planted it .... maybe 7-8 years ago. Several times I thought it was dead and gone, but it's still here and tastes absolutely wonderful. 

    Thyme was ok but after about 3 years, it's now clearly dead. I think last week was the last time I cut some to cook with, and now I'll have to buy a new plant. 

    Parsley did well but only lasted 2 years. That's normal for parsley though, once it seeds, it dies. 

    Lemongrass did well but is really slow to grow. Every time I harvest some I feel like I just killed the plant, then a few months later it looks strong and healthy again.

    Basil is my biggest failure. I must have planted it at the wrong season. After I planted it it took about 1 week to dry up and die. :(
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    I grow my own herbs as well. I got them growing in half drums outside and then some straight in the soil.

    Unlike French Fries, my lemon grass grows fast and wild. It likes the climate.

    For one reason or another, I struggle with celery, parsley and rosemary.

    Basil and mint are doing well. The mint even survived being under water for 3 months last year!

    Whenever the basil gets to the end of it's lifespan, some seedlings start growing somewhere in the garden.

    Coriander (Cilantro) grows well, depending on the season. Some times of the year it just bolts even before I can harvest any of the leaves. I have now planted some sawtooth herb (culantro?) and they are doing well.

    I got some thyme, oregano, marjoram and chives as well.

    I think I find herbs about the most rewarding things to grow. They just make such a difference to any meal !