Growing Mushrooms

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Has anyone ever tried this or experienced it firsthand? I'd love to get a kit someday...
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I was thinking of trying this too. I was watching a show on Discovery - Home and Living (or whatever) and there was a feature on growing mushrooms at home. It looked so easy. The methods on the show were the mushroom patches where you just put a plastic bag (humidity tent) over the patch and spray with water and the stump plugs where you innoculate a stump or log with something that looks like a little wooden dowel. Here's the company that was featured on that show -- Fungi Perfecti
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Ozark Forest friend Nicola McPherson has an organic shiitake farm with log kits and dried meals. Her product is incredible!!! Her farm is a dream...I woke up and there were hummingbirds asleep on the feeder, 2 minks played at the base of a small bridge...there was a creek, a river a trout pond...18,000 shiitake logs in the forest. wonderful! Anyway Nik's phone # is 314 531 9935 and she has a website but I don't know it offhand.

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