ground sirloin IT TURNED BROWN

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I just realized that my dad put the ground sirloin in the freezer. Today is the 21st. I opened the freezer, the meet had turned brown and was frozen. IT was red last I checked.

aND I foolishly forgot to check the SELL BY date on the pack. the sell by date was the 20th.

the minimum time of freeze (mtf) was this morning, the morning of the 21st, since I have not yet asked my dad when he put it in.

it is possible that it was still red when it went in.

how can i assess the status of the meat. it is about 9 dollars worth. i do not want to waste it.

it will be fully cooked in the dish i am using it for!!!
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do what i do with mystery meat. brown it, smell, you wanna eat it? simple program after that If yes=munchdown : if no=order pizza :peace:
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How long was it sitting out before it went in the freezer? Chop meat is notorious for oxidizing, especially when not packaged properly. The oxidation takes the form of a brownish crust---unsightly, but perfectly edible.

I suspect that's what happened.
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