Ground meat kebobs on a conventional bbq

Joined Jun 14, 2002
I've been having troubles with ground meat kebabs, especially south asian style sheek or keema kebabs. The mixture can be very soft and they just fall right off the skewer.

Any thoughts on how to rectify the problem?
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I, too, love ground meat kebabs--so much so that I added flat metal skewers to my Best of Barbecue product line (see They hold the meat much better than the round skewers. Another trick I've borrowed from grilling cultures that use grateless mangal grills is to build two opposite courses of firebrick on the grill grate and then suspend the skewers between them to cook. That way, the meat never actually touches the grill grate. You'll find several recipes for ground meat kebabs in Planet Barbecue as well as a more extensive description of the mangal
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