Gross Things We Love to (ugh!) Eat!

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Raw fish! Eggs from fish! Smelly cheese! Steak Tartar (raw steak)!
What things do you like to eat that others might consider gross?
I love sushi, and I do eat stinky cheese, on occasion. And I've tried caviair (the cheap kind), and quite like it.
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Love all of the above and don't think there's anything disgusting about them (except for the smells while cleaning and cooking the Haggis!).
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I love haggis. It always amazes me that other nations think it so bad. If it is made by a good butcher (mine is brilliant, and makes his own to his own family recipe), cooked properly and served properly, it is extremely tasty. it shouldn't smell 'wild' whilst cooking...... The stuff available in the USA is made usually without the lights (due to US food laws), so it ain't 'real' haggis!:lips:

The best commercially available haggis is made by McSween's - an Edinburgh company. They do have some tinned stuff for export, I believe.

I also love calves liver - but not pig's liver. Hate kidneys - although my husband adores them as a breakfast dish!
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One of my dad's cousins waxes nostalgic about the days when he used to eat "lamb's fry", which is basically skinned, fried testicles. (Three words that, used in close combination like that, may make male readers of this posting wince and cross their legs)

One of my guilty pleasures used to be calves' sweetbreads (pancreas/thymus glands), but I haven't had them for 20 years - I don't even know if butchers still sell them.

I love it, but a dispassionate view of Stilton cheese - soured milk with the protein strained out of it, left to stand in blocks until the inside grows mouldy - is pretty disgusting.
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I love Stilton, but I also love a couple of Scottish blue cheeses, Dunsyre and Lanarkshire Blue... At the moment, my favourite stinky British style cheese at the mo is Stinking Bishop - but it costs a fortune nowadays - I blame the fact that it was the cheese of choice in the last Wallace and Gromit cartoon movie!
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Tripe in menudo

I also eat some bizarre combinations sometimes like peanut butter and bologna on toast or fried bologna. I also have eaten some rather awful seeming "white trash survival guide" dishes like spam burgers, and "cupboard gumbo" which is nothing like gumbo unless you happen to have file' or okra in your cupboard which I never do.
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Nothing weird about that... Love fried bologna on toast with tons of mayo... :bounce:

I spent 10 years in the US Navy during the Viet Nam war and covered most of the Western Pacific during that time and have eaten some *interesting* things. Raw fish eggs (straight from the egg sack), raw jellyfish, dried squid, raw octopus, whale (quite tasty), and of course all the interesting raw fish during my stay in Japan.
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Was skin diving in Puget Sound some years ago with a neighbor. We climbed up on a big rock and saw a whole lot of sea urchins. He pried a couple off the rock, pulled out his diving knife and cut the top off them. With the point of the knife he dug out the pink (as I remember) material and, at his urging, we ate it.

It was very good, tasting of seawater and - I don't even remember, not fishy at all - and I asked what that was.

He said oh, it's the testes of the sea urchin. :eek:

Well, it was good, and we had a few more for the road. Haven't had any since: they're not available much around Chicago.

Mike :p
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Agreed with mredikop...tripe in menudo.

Also, the green shiz inside of a lobster--what is that stuff anyway? the pooh? Try it with fresh sourdough.

I ate some knockwurst once and it smelled EXACTLY like catfood before cooking...but D*MN it was really yummy!

Steamed tripe and chickens feet during dim sum.

And once, my dad bbq'd/grilled pig intestine--4 inch whole tube pieces thrown into tortillas (not real chitlins, but that is what he called it). It ALSO smelled crappy but the flavor was surprisingly good.

And of course fruits and vegetables! (just kidding):lol:
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Boudin!!!:lips: And what happened to Head Cheese? Where did it go? Is it now illegal or something?
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Man, not in Wisconsin! We have enough Germans and other Europeans who eat it (suelze, souse, head cheese). For some unaccountable reason I loved it as a child, begged my mom to buy it. Now I just don't think of buying it.

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