grooms cake

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could we discuss?
what is the tradition in your part of the world?
history, ie: were you really supposed to break this cake over the heads of the bride and groom?
is it always chocolate? :confused:
So much cake....... so little time to think!!!
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So far I have only done one groom's cake for a groom in Annapolis, MD. It was chocolate with espresso buttercream. At my part-time job where I do wedding cake consultations, I recently had one groom request a carrot cake for his groom's cake (since that's his favorite). Aside from that, I've seen a lot of chocolate ones on different sites and the unusual themed one here and there.
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Where I live in the mid-west...........average income people really aren't familar with the concept. But when working in wealthy areas they are and do buy them for about 50% of the weddings.
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This is practically a requirement at any respectable southern wedding. As far as breaking it over the head- I don't know about that- but it may be a good thing for the first anniversary :)!
Chocolate is a favorite choice but it is not limited to that. Red Velvet is another popular southern choice for this. It is a cake different from the brides cake that usually reflects the interests of the groom. I think it is catching on up north as way to give the groom a token choice in the wedding- something he thinks is nice not just what the bride is insisting on. I think it can be a lot of fun. I did a slot machine once and I have a podiatrist (sp) who wants to know if I can do a foot with hammer toes and bunions. The bride is trying to talk them out of this.
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EEWW!! A foot cake is gross enough, but with deformities?? Blechhh! :lol:

We had a groom's cookie, as my husband is very, very fond of cookies. It was delicious, too!
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The giant cookies seem to be popular here too.

I've been doing a lot of cookies/miniatures and decadent petit fours lately in tiered formations for the "grooms cake" ... also chocolate dipped fruits instead of the double cakes.

I've never heard the over the head bit ... somewhere I have a book that explains the origins of bridal party tradiitons - I'll try and look it up!:)
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I'm not married nor have I been to a wedding that served the grooms cake but I did learn a very little bit about it during my theory class.
My opinion on what 1 should be (probrably what I will/may be serving at my wedding, if that ever happens), vanilla high ratio cake, mocha butter cream, either almond paste + chocolate molding paste covered or chocolate ganache, and little white chocolate chef hats decorations or japonaise lady fingers.

Hey, I can dream can't I? ;)
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