Grocery worker harrasement

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Just to rant a little. I check groceries at a local store and one thing that always ticks me off is when I see people in other stores and they say something like: "They allow you to shop here" or "You are in the wrong store" and it just goes on and on.

I suppose I should not let it bother me but I just find it degrading, like I am some sort of public utility or a human commodity of sorts.

I know, I know "" your taking it all too hard"
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so many people go thru life never noticing those people who they come in contact with every day. I suppose you could be proud of the fact that you have made such an impact with your personality on these people that they not only remember you but what you do. You are not just a nameless face to these people...they like you.

I know what your thinking..."ok pollyanna" LOL
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I worked in a grocery store when I was in high school and for almost a year after I got married. I usually closed the store and lived a distance from town. When I needed groceries and had to close, I couldn't buy groceries where I worked. They wouldn't allow me to buy early and put my items in the back (or in the coolers). I would end up going ot one of the other stores that was open 24 hours. Customers would see me and comment about me shopping the competition. A customer made a comment in front of a co-worker about seeing me in another store. The co-worker started blasting me for not being loyal to the place where I worked! I was livid! I did shop where I worked when it was convenient for me.
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I would like to first start by telling you that I find your posts of food and the questions you ask interesting. Your a family man with a young daughter Sara I believe you said her name was (in another thread) and your trying to make a living for yourself and there is no shame in that. There is no such thing as “ just this” or “ just that” as far as work goes. Any man who is willing to support his family by any means possible gets an “A” in my books.
As for everyone else, be polite, smile and keep your dignity. Do not allow anyone's comments to de-value you as a person.
Everyday people are taking note of you and your attitude. That, just that one day may get you promoted
We all get bad for the people who are just plain a hundred years from today, who is going to care ? You ? Them ? They won't even be around, so why let people take your joy away ? That is only something you can decide. ....your happiness and joy belongs to you, let no one take it away. I do not know if I expressed myself well enough here as I speak French so forgive me if my thoughts are not expressed well but I hope you get my meaning. .

ps. You are learning to cook and save money. (speaks volumes)
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These people are merely noticing you,recognizing you, then fumbling with a way to ackonwledge that.
I wouldn't take it opersonal.
I'm sure somewhere along the way you've discovered your foot planted in your mouth similarly, I know I have.
They mean nothing by it, it's just nervous awkwardness.
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Thanks Petalsandcoco and all the nice folks here. The interpersonal aspect of this group add a whole new dimension to what is already a somewhat romantic, if you will, art form.

I did not expect so much response and it is really great.

My cooking has led my heart to the Italian cinema and I am finding that some of the Italian directors were influenced by the French directors so my little trip around the world may find me in France too.

In this wonderful voyage I not only learn about the food of our planet but also of the peoples known for certain dishes. I find through cooking another angle from which to view the ancient dignity of my worldwide neighbors.
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Hey kevin....we try :D I know what you mean though about this community -there are people here that care and have (at least) half a brain hehehehe. Which is more than can often be said for the outside world.

As others have said, the ones who make those comments you mentioned - you have left your mark on them, and they recognise you. Their attitude and responses may be clumsy....they are human. As suggested, as I'm sure the majority of us do, I get foot in mouth disease also at times, it's in our nature :) Water off a duck's back is the best attitude in response.
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