Grocery shopping during this pandemic

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I'm not a denier but you put it very well about masks. First they (and there was a big discrepancy between the CDC and the WHO) said that masks do little or nothing and only needed to be worn by people who are caring for people who have the virus. Then they said everybody should wear a mask if you are within 6 feet of other people to protect yourself. When that didn't work they began saying that you wear a mask to protect others from you. They are using peer pressure to manipulate which is causing more harm because people are at each other's throats.

So we have people walking around outside wearing a mask, people driving cars wearing masks, people running and bicycle riding wearing masks, people swimming! wearing masks, people walking to outdoor dining across a parking lot wearing masks. And if you don't do as they do you risk a confrontation.

Then consider that we have one of the idiots running for the White House saying that if he's elected he is going to mandate mask wearing and if everybody wears a mask for three months this virus will be gone.

I really can't see how anybody with a brain can take any of this seriously.
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We have people here with serious health issues, who wear masks with oxygen and have no problems yet there are those who seriously can not, If you can not, stay home and use a delivery service or have a friend shop for you
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those who seriously can not, If you can not, stay home and use a delivery service or have a friend shop for you
This is kind of where I thought we should have been already. We have enough data to show what demographics will be statistically most severely affected by Covid-19 infection and we should have a paradigm shift of suggesting those people stay home and take extra precautions while we phase in lower restrictions for the rest of the population.

At the end of the day I will still wear a mask when I go into public places even though I have asthma and have to lower my mask periodically when no one is around to regulate my breathing. Is it a nuisance? Yes and I don't believe it is really doing that much for me when I am generally not within people's "bubbles." But if it going to avoid a brawl with someone when I go to get groceries than I'll wear it. My biggest problem is that I do not like excessive government over reach and I feel we are heading down a slippery slope if anything can be labeled a "public health crisis" and gives politicians unbridled power. There are many people out there trying their best to help in this time but there will undoubtedly be people who will find ways to take advantage as well.

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