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I’m seeing so many awesome recipes here on a daily basis! Where do you guys/girls get groceries and how do you budget it!? I need to figure out where to get food prices on Wagyu, other meats, etc.
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Here in Salt Lake, the Winco stores have good prices on most stuff. The quality of their ungraded beef can vary, though. The local Kroger affiliate has what I call the used meat bin, discounted cuts of meat that are close to sell by date, mislabeled, overstock or whatever. With experience, you can figure out which to buy and which to avoid.

But I don't usually go out and buy a $400 wagyu rib roast, or $100 flat iron steak. A local Chinese supermarket does have American wagyu very thinly sliced for hot pot, shabu shabu type dishes at a decent price.

It can be difficult to get quality food at good prices on a daily basis, though. Check ads, shop around, look for special deals.

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IMO wagyu is over rated. For value it's hard to beat Aldi. I get my best bang for my buck there on Greek yogurt, Almond milk, pie crust (made with lard so I can eat it), fresh fruits, ready made stocks and some meats, but mostly lunch meat. For instance I buy Prosciutto there that is way cheaper than the chain stores and doesn't have that soapy taste that some brands do. Plus I saw a Gordon Ramsay vid where he used what looked like Aldi "Parma ham" for his Wellington.

That said I also shop local for things like wild caught shrimp $6.99lb. this week so I need to secure two bags, They also thawed out an octopus, but at $8.49/lb. I'm not biting. If you get weekly flyers read them they'll tell you what's on sale. Yesterday I made Boeuf Bourguignon [for today] using bottom round roast for $1.99lb. Why would anyone use an expensive cut of meat to make a slow cooked dish???

In the end it's not the product, but the execution of the product and who you "Value Add" to them.
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