Grits and Grillades

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    I am looking for a little bit of insight regarding this delicious dish.  In particular I'm asking about the "gravy" or the sauce that coats the grillades. 

    Most times I've had this dish, the sauce has had a distinctly beefy character - certainly livened up with some tomato, peppers, and other flavors that give it that regional *pop*  - but is ultimately a beef stew type flavor profile.  Yes, that is a vast over simplification, but for the purposes of this question it will do. 

    Now, at K Paul's Louisiana Kitchen, their grits and grillades is very different - the sauce is predominantly tomato, with heat and acidity rather than the beefy flavor described above.

    So my question is - which is the authentic traditional approach?  I've looked up a number of recipes online and they seem to run the gamut, calling for varying proportions of beef stock, tomatoes, and hot sauce which would swing the pendulum from one extreme to the other. 

    Any insight as to the traditional approach to this recipe would be quite welcome.  Thanks!