Grilling tools for small hands (female grillers)

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Thank you so much for sitting in and answering our questions. This site is a new find for me and I thank you for posting your link on facebook.

I am an avid griller/smoker and home cook.

As an idea for a future offer on your shopping site - would you consider finding a grill set for women or people with smaller hands than the average man?

I was given an beautiful tool set as a gift that I know wasn't cheap. Mahogany wood, really nice metal parts - but the handles were so big and heavy that to use them, I would have to hold them with both hands!

I have looked for  'chick sized' BBQ tools, but have yet to find any and continue to use my regular kitchen utensils which often are not sturdy enough, long enough etc.

Just a thought!

Enjoy your books so much as well as the Primal Grill on TV.
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That's a very interesting thought, Smokefill--something I've never considered. What a shame that the tool set you were given as a gift--and it sounds like a nice one--doesn't feel right in your hands. I can imagine that your kitchen tools aren't quite up to the task. The handles aren't generally long enough to protect you from the heat, for one thing. Again, food for thought. Thank you.

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