Grilling shellfish

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We have been hesitant to grill shellfish such as oysters and clams.  What is the best method for grilling these?  High heat, indirect heat, and do they have to be placed in a grilling container first or placed right on the grill?
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My wife and I summer on Martha's Vineyard, and we love to dig for clams. They can get a bit tippy on a conventional grill grate, though, so I designed a shellfish rack for my Best of Barbecue line. (It also makes a convenient rack for smoked new potatoes or hard-cooked eggs for Smoked Egg Pate, a recipe in Planet Barbecue.) I have included several recipes for grilled clams, mussels, and oysters in my books--not only Planet, but also BBQ USA and The Barbecue Bible. I strongly urge you to give one of the recipes a try. You will never look back!

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