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Ive only used a grill when I came to this country and had a question. Do I oil the thang or not? I don't see the grill guys at the diner oiling the grill. They mostly do burgers. But shouldn't you oil it if you are grilling fish, chicken or seafood??? :confused:
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By all means feel free to oil the grill, especially when grilling more delicate items such as fish. On a cast iron grill the oil helps to create nice grill marks.
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How often do they clean the grill? maybe they have enough 'residue' left they don't need to!:D

I keep an old side towel in a plastic container to oil the grill with; put some oil on it, and use your tongs to 'oil' the grill. Remember too, when you're grilling whatever, don't mess with it - when it's ready to be turned, it should lift right up off the grill; if it doesn't, it's probably not ready to be turned because it hasn't built up that nice 'crust' yet. Turning too soon is more often the cause of stuck pieces, not the lack of oil.
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They just don't use oil. I was actually thinking of buying a book on grilling. :blush: Think Ill try it at home on my little grill pan before going to the diner. Thanks for the help.
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Jeff Smith always preached "hot skillet (or grill, in this case) & cold fat and nothing will stick". The same holds true for any grilling surface (as far as I know). I temper the grates on my grill and keep an oil-dowsed rag near-by. Immediately before putting anything on the grill, I slap the rag on the grates and then add the item(s) I am grilling. Just watch for flare ups!
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Jim finished his post with something I find very important.

Watch for flare ups.

be sure that your coals are finished with there open flames, and are orange and glowing hot.

I never oil my grill,why? because almost everything we grill has enough fat, and/or vegetable oils to not need oiling.

To much fat/oil will give you flare ups that will give a carsinigen (sp) % to your item, as well as giving it a black smoke extereier.

marmalady also made what I think is the key point to grilling, patience! don't fuss...let everything seal and give you a crust. Turn to soon and your doomed. especially protien based items that are low in natural fat..IE, Chicken breast/fish ETC.

Just my 2 cents
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As the Sous chef I grill all night long.

Get a good wire brush to clean a hot grill periodically through the night.( if at home I would get the grill hot, then hit it with the wire brush)

Oil or not to oil. I wipe it with an old oily rag a couple of times through the night. I also keep a little plate of p-nut oil handy and coat each side of the steak or chicken breast before I place it on the grill. (unless it is a T-bone or a NY Strip steak.)

Now for fish, try to find one of those "grilling baskets" but get one that is square,not oblonged and looking like a fish.

The basket helps you turn the delicate fish, without it falling apart. And when it comes time to plate it, you can remove it from the grill and not have to worry about overcooking as you try to pry that delicate fish from the grill.

Fish for grilling should have a good fat content.
Salmon is an absoulte darling to grill.At the reataurant we als grill grouper,catfish,Mahi- Mahi, Tuna(r-mr only please).

Any other questions, just ask

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