Grilling a boneless leg of lamb - ideas?

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Tonight I'm grilling a 4 lbs leg of lamb, boneless. I'm thinking of stuffing it with some garlic and maybe herbs, then rolling it back together and holding it with skewers and grilling it.

I'm turning to you guys for ideas:

What herbs? I have dried oregano. I have fresh rosemary, fresh thyme (from the garden). What else?

What to serve it with?

How long to cook? I'm thinking, I could either grill it over direct it for about 15-20 mn per side, or first grill it over medium-high for 10-15 mn then over indirect heat for another 30mn?

Also not sure whether I'm going to keep the fat around the leg or trim it down before grilling.

I'm waiting for your ideas! Thanks all.
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Thanks Ishbel. Garlic is a given, I couldn't imagine a leg of lamb without it - but rosemary I'd never tried before. I think I will, you're comforting me in that idea! The question now is ... how? Should I just chop the leaves of rosemary and mix them with some chopped garlic, stuff the inside of the leg where the bone used to be, and roast it that way?


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I'd certainly season the inside and roll and tie it.  Cook it indirectly then give a sear over high direct grilling to finiah

In many ways, I think this cut grills better opened out flat over medium heat. More surface area which is generally a good thing for grilling, and it's less fussy. The problem is more that the boneless leg are trimmed out a little sloppy and you have uneveness in thickness.

But yes, garlic, rosemary and either a red wine reduction sauce or a balsamic sauce.
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Awesome. I was thinking of grilling it flat, but I think the result would be a bit less dramatic and also I can't claim the entire BBQ grill area as others will be using it at the same time. So I think I'll roll it and skewer/tie it.

Thanks! On to cut some rosemary now.
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Hope this isn't too late.

Grilling it flat is not "less dramatic."  Rolling it means searing the outside, closing the grill, and finishing indirect.  Of course, there's usually some of that with a butterflied leg as well. 

Butterflied is not as long as a cook, but a more "interesting" carve since there are something like seven muscle groups in a gigot and they all cut differently.

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Leaving it flat, IMO, makes good sense particularly because you are sharing the grill. You don't really have control.

Recently I did a pork loin on the grill, which can serve as an example. I opened it flat, stuffed it, rerolled and tied it. Seared it over high heat, then finished it on indirect heat, with the cover closed.

A stuffed lamb leg would follow similar procedures.

You can see what I mean about the problems doing that inherent in a shared grill.

As to the seasoning: Lamb has as great an affinity with rosemary as it does with mint. You'll be very happy using it. The one downside is that many people love the flavor but object to biting into a leaf. Another reason cooking the leg flat makes sense. Start it with the rosemary sprigs on top. When you turn the meat, make sure the rosemary turns with it. The heat will really infuse the flavor into the meat. After resting it, but before slicing, discard the rosemary.
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I stud the lamb with sprigs of rosemary (easier to remove than the 'leaves' alone) and half cloves of garlic.

I use rosemary whichever method I use for cooking lamb, but only serve traditional mint sauce (not that violent green 'jelly' stuff you can buy in supermarkets!) when I do a big roast dinner, lamb, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes etc.

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