Grilled shrimp?

Joined May 8, 2002
I just got a recipe for grilled zucchini. Marinate, put two zuke rounds on a stick, grill.

Could I put a couple of shrimp in between the zuke rounds? Marinate also. I have an Asian stove-top grill and a grill pan. Would these work?

I'm doing a party Sunday and these would look really nice.

How long would I grill the shrimp and zuke? Or should I grill the shrimp separately, then place on the stick?

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i would marrinate the zuch overnite,, so they get tender,, as long as your shrimp are a good size , best would be 16-20 then you could grill them together on the skewer for about three min. on each side without a problem

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