Grilled catfish

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I am introducing Grilled catfish .I use cornmeal, flour, cajun spices,blackened seasonig etc...I just dredge the fillet in the mixture and cook on the pan with little margarine. Later we realized it is  very convineinet and less oil absorbing when cook on the grill, but final appearance and  quality remain the menu description says"fillet of catfish dredge in yellow cornmeal and Cajun spices then grill to perfection.....If I am using cornmeal can it be grilled. my menu is already in final printing stage..I found this recipe in a Industry magazine under southern trends...professional comments will be appreciated
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Dont use word dredge  You may want to try  Hand coated in cornmeal and infused with cajun herbs and spices.  And yes you can grill it with corn meal , just watch temperatures. I assume you are talking a flat grill and you may want ot use a liquid margarine like' Whirl' so it does not burn
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