Gretting I am PickledFrog

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Yeah I just thought I hop in and say Hello.

Right anyways I stumbled across this sight quite by accident. Anyways while I do like food and  reading cook books I have not done that much cooking.

Oh and despite my user name I have never tried pickled frogs, or for that matter frog legs,  I just thought the name would be funny do to the fact that one of my nicknames in real life is Jeremiah was a bullfrog, since my fist name is in fact Jeremiah. although I do wonder what they taste like..

Anyways for the moment I’m just  doing research tiring to come up with recipes I’d like to try out.

Foods that I normally eat include turkey  lunch meat sandwiches, Rice, Fish, including anchovies, apples and lots of Garlic and veggies, Oh and one of my all time favorite food to eat is of course Pizza.

I also have a knack for coming up with unusual ideas for recipes, well at lest to my parents anyways…

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Hi Jeremiah, and welcome to Chef Talk. If you hang out here, you're likely to try to cook some of the great food you read about here. There are people to answer your questions and give suggestions as you expand your cooking repertoire.

Have a look around the site- don't miss the articles, wikis, photos, etc. We also have a search tool to help you dig through our 10 years of great discussions.


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