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I'd like to take a second to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking for a bit and this seems to be a really neat place with a lot of knowledgable people. I'm in the midst of a career change as it seems a number of people are right now. The IT industry has lost its luster for me, besides, who really wants to spend 10 hours a basking in the glow of their monitor anyway. Not Me! So I've decided that now is the perfect time to go to Culinary School. I'm applying to the Baltimore International Colleges' Culinary Arts program. If that doesn't work out the Community College here seems to have an excellent program.

Until that gets going I'm looking to get work doing entry-level kitchen work, pretty much whatever I can get, as my only experience is playing the Mad Scientist in my own home kitchen. Any advice anyone might have for me would be much appreciated. Either way I'll be seeing you on the board! :D
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Tetsuryu!

Check out the culinary students forum for more info on your career change. I look forward to your future posts. :)
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Hi Tetsuryu:

Welcome to the forum.

Like you I work in the computer industry. Some of my co workers give me wierd looks due to my divergent interests. What I tell them is: "Look around and note all of the colors that you see. Life is more that a bunch of zeroes and ones! It's as black and white as that.".
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Welcome, tetsuryu!

I hope you find the previous posts helpful in your quest for a new career.
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Svadhisthana: Thanks! the Culinary students forum has a plethora of info.... I think its gonna be a great resource for me.

kokopuffs: Diversity is a beautiful thing isn't it. :D Most people on meeting me don't quite know what to think. A Rugby playing Computer Nerd that loves to cook and can go from Godsmack to Rachmaninov without batting an eyelash. Variety is the spice of life and I'll take mine extra spicy thanks. ;)

momoreg: Thanks! I think with all of the knowledgable amatuers and proffesionals around here this forum will be most helpful and a lot fun too!
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Welcome Tetsuryu!

I love Rachmaninov too, I love also Perpiniades, a Greek bouzouki player of the 30ies ( of this century! ).

It seems that cooking is the secret bond that brings together different kind of people!

I am sure you will find here answers and inspiration

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Tetsuryu, we are happy to have you with us. If you've been lurking, you know how helpful the Culinary Students' forum can be. If you've been playing Mad Scientist in your home kitchen, I'll bet you have some specialties and some interesting stories to share! Welcome to Chef Talk.

P.S.- I LOVE your signature line! Gotta love that LOTR.
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Athenaeus: The bozouki is a fascinating instrument, although I'm more familiar with the Irish variant. I'll have to give give Perpiniades a listen some time If I can find some.

Mezzaluna: Thanks, the Culinary Students' forum is indeed a great resource, I look forward to sharing my experience there with others as things progress. I surely do have some stories, some I'll be more than happy to share, some that will never see the light off day, though all are relatively funny/embarrassing. One ring to rule them all..... ;)

cape chef: Thanks! It's nice to be here.


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Welcome to ChefTalk. I am the opposite of you, after being in the kitchens for years, I went into IT. Now I miss the kitchen :).

Glad to have you hear. Please check out our Day in the Life of an American Culinary student at It is a real life account of Logan Worley as he attends culinary school.
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Welcome Tetsuryu,

I've heard some great things about BIC and the Community College courses. Good luck!
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marmalady: I'm afraid it has little to do with my personal description. I picked that nickname a number of years ago for an online game, and It's kinda stuck with me. I chose it because of my love for certain aspects of japanese culture.
I saw In your profile that you do bonsai. I have a Japanese Black Pine and a Chinese Elm that I'm growing from seed. It's something that I just started last year, but I'm looking forward to practising in the future.
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From Seed! You're way more ambitious than I. I've not grown anything from seed - seedlings, yes. Good luck!
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