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Hi everyone, sorry about the double post but the other was was put under antother thread as a reply, so it may not be seen much:

This happens to be the other half of the amazing chef duo of soussweets. I am his older, wiser, and more attractive brother. It is under contruction, but I will post a link to our new website soon, we would love some feedback.

A bit about me:
Born and raised in Baton Rouge, worked in Atlanta, NYC, and Baltimore as well. Currently exec. chef of a hotel, working with my brother on a catering company on the side. I also dabble in professional armwrestling.

mike d

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older wiser & more handsome....but whose the better cook...
that will test your brotherly love
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Hey Mike, welcome to Chef Talk. Does this mean it's double the fun too? :D We'll look forward to your posts.

What are your specialties?
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Welcome aboard! So the burning question... does arm wrestling make you a better cook ? :eek: Perhaps when it comes to breaking down a side of beef?! :lips:
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you will have to excuse my brother,,,,,, mom always told him he was more attractive when the girls would laugh at him. ha ha.. i get a whole week to laugh about that one, the "wiser and more attractive brother" is out of town for the week for a long overdue vacation with the family,,, while i get the pleasure of running the kitchen. as far a the question of who is a better cook,,, there is no honest answer. i learned to cook from my brother,,,, but our styles have melded into one unstopable repitoire. we work on the mind meld method. either he or i will come up with the foundation for an idea,,, and the other,without fail,will perfect it. have fun on vacation if you get this message while your out of town brother.:beer:
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Well, I will be back Wednesday-or maybe I will take another week off!! Hopefully you haven't burned the kitchen down in my absence (well, actually.....).
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