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Hello, everyone. I found this website a while back and decided to join so I could ask questions and share what knowledge I have. I am a professional bread baker, and I have also worked as a butcher. My first job in the kitchen was at a catering company years back making fruit trays and party platters, and I've been working in the food industry since then. There are lots of things I love about working in the food industry, and lots more that I hate, but I can't see myself doing anything else.
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Welcome, @Capricciosa! Great to have you here. There are plenty of bakers here for you to exchange ideas and to whom you can share your knowledge. Interesting that you say you "can't see myself doing anything else." So true for so many of our field. The hours can be daunting, the workload can be overwhelming, the demands can be truly painful, alas it is a path from which many of us won't stray. 

Again, welcome! 


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Welcome glad you joined if you have any questions about the forums please just ask we're happy to help you. We doing urge the pros from time to time to check in on the non-pro-forms and help answer questions for the at home cooks so when you have a chance stop by the non-pro-forms and help out. Thanks!

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