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    Hi Everyone,

    My love of good food finally won over my love of science so I am currently a culinary student with the eventual goal of food scientist.

    I hope to start a food manufacturing business, serving outdoor enthusiasts. I'm currently writing my business plan and have found a coop for food entrepreneurs. The coop has resources, links and a rental commercial kitchen for members.

    I also kayak, homestead on a tree farm, raise and butcher Buckeye chickens, grow and preserve my harvest, make sauerkraut and other fermented foods.

    I teach homesteading skills to anyone who wants to learn.  Currently I've been busiest teaching humane chicken rearing and slaughtering practices; along with the subsequent butchering.

    My heart however belongs to bread.  I've been grinding my own wheat and baking bread for 30 years.  I'm currently researching older strains of wheat, such as Einkorn, for bread.  I love the dance between baker, culture, flour and time.

    Happy cooking!

    Joy O.
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    Welcome @Joyo  glad to have you. Where are you attending culinary school currently.