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I stumbled onto this website, and these forums this afternoon while google searching for a simple recipe for buerre blanc. I'm glad I did, it looks like you folks have a nice community going.

I'm 33, married with a toddler, living, practicing law, and cooking in New Orleans. Sometime in March of this year I finally decided to try writing about food on a regular basis, and started my website: appetites.

Not a great site by any means, but it does at least keep me writing, and some friends I have from other places seem to like it.

In any event, I hope to read a good bit, and perhaps post occasionally here.


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Welcome to Chef Talk, Robert. You're right, we have some great forums and lots of lively, friendly conversation. Be sure to browse all the forums, including the archives, and don't forget to check those older threads! Use the search feature to find topics of special interest.

Glad you found us.
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Hi, Robert. Please, please PLEASE give us a link to your site. Lots of us (well, I) would love to read what you've written. There can be a great give-and-take.

All the best.


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Welcome to Chef Talk Robert!

Nice to meet you.

I enjoyed visiting your website. Very nicely done.

P.S. Suzanne, to visit Robert's website click on the little house icon at the bottom of his post.
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Robert, neat site! I love your attitude: try this, try that, maybe it will work, and if not, I've learned something anyway. THAT is the way to cook!! :)

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