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    My name is Robert, a social worker, community activist/organizer and food enthusiast. 

    I am currently working to develop an organization that will seek to serve the LGBTQ/Allied community of NYC via the combination of the tenets of social work and the culinary arts.  Utilizing the culinary scene of New York City and beyond, I am looking to assemble members of LGBTQ and allied community with the express purposes of creating a more visible community, allowing the organic healing and empowering that “breaking bread” has been proven to enable, and offering an alternative to the pathology-based service model often adhered to when serving this demographic. 

    More than any politician or academic, I believe a shared meal has the power to transform lives and enable a learning that is non-proselytizing and accessible to all. 

    Thanks for welcoming me to this brilliant online community.

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    I Just Like Food
    Aloha, welcome Robert, you have come to the right place!

    I'm with you, nobody else gets me... You do what? You cook food? It's like speaking a different language. Let me just say, the folks here at Chef Talk, they GET you!

    Take a look around and if you have any questions once you've reviewed the FAQ and Community Guidelines, give a shout out in the Feedback & Suggestion forum . A note about the forums, the Pro section is for folks employed in the food industries, those who are not are asked to read only.

    I hope you are a shutter bug, pictures of the dishes that some of the wonderful people here at CT make are so awesome, I'd love to see some of yours too.

    Once again, welcome to Chef Talk.