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Hello All,

Besides being an avid home cook--don't think I could handle more than 9 or 10 guests at once; at least my table couldn't--I've become addicted to vegetable gardening and local farmers' markets for my fresh produce fix. I also teach a writing course that focuses on food as the general topic area, so my students do research for papers on everything from the history of the wedding cake to cannibalism.
I'm looking forward to getting great culinary ideas for both the kitchen and the classroom from this forum.

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A warm welcome to you. I'm usually not one of the welcoming committee but" wedding cake to cannibalism" makes me like you already.


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Welcome to Chef Talk Phoebe! :)

What's growing in your garden?
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I'm a little overwhelmed. What a lovely way to be introduced! Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I really do appreciate it.

Isa--right now I have herbs: oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, Italian parsley, marjoram, verbena, spearment, and peppermint. I also have red and yellow bell peppers and 35 tomato plants. I went a little nuts this year with heirloom tomatoes; some are doing fine and some are pretty ill. Not long ago I had loads of sugar snap peas and some carrots. Not very systematic, but I'm still learning (definitely by trial and error ).:rolleyes:
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Thanks Jim. Actually, the tomatoes are coming in slowly. The weather hasn't been consistently hot enough, so the plants are a little confused. But last night I sliced some Early Girls, First Ladys, Green Zebras, a Taxi, and some cherries with some sugar snap peas and a little green onion, and drizzled extra v. olive oil over the lot. Am really looking forward to quick-cooked pasta sauces when more tomatoes are all ripe at the same time.:lips:
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