Greetings :)

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I just joined and wanted to poke my head in and say hello ;) I have been a bit obsessed with cooking for some years now and the mom in me is committed to feeding everyone I know a beautiful and balanced menu, but the pleasure piggy in me is really fixated on making the loveliest and most decadent desserts I can possibly muster (all things in moderation, including virtue). There is nothing I love making quite as much as breads, cakes and pastries, the prettier and more complicated the better! 

A wonderful evening to all...

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Welcome to Cheftalk, Niamh - that's a good Irish name you've got there!

We have all abilities of cook here, from enthusiastic amateurs (like me) to master chefs - every member is valued equally.  Our membership is also wide-spread, although the site is owned and run from the USA, we have members from all around the globe.  I'm Scots and we have members from Australia, NZ and all points of the compass.

The articles and photography on here are well worth a view.  There is one section of the site which is read-only to us non-professionals, but that section makes interesting reading!  Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or even start your own.
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