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Hello, everyone. I'm a new member here from north-central Wisconsin (Antigo to be exact). I enjoy cooking and watching Food Network (I even stream it on my computer at work for background noise).

My big cooking goal for the year is to prepare and serve a five course gourmet meal. I've never had even an hour of formal culinary education - completely self taught. I've been able to follow basic to intermediate recipes to prepare dishes but I really want to work towards emulating the Iron Chefs who can take an ingredient that they just found out about and prepare 5 great looking dishes in an hour - although the time limit is not really a goal of mine.

I guess what I really want to do is to learn to cook well enough to impress friends and family, maybe even develop a local reputation as a good cook, and not get nominated to Worst Cooks of America :).

Some areas I need help with are basic knife techniques. Right now I don't think I am very good with a knife. My cuts are not uniform and I don't give enough attention to the size of the pieces. That and it takes me about 15 minutes to peel a potato. :)

Looking forward to learning a lot here!


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