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    Hi, all.

    I've been 'cruising' chef and cooking sites for years, as a dedicated non-professional :D foodie, and for my small business involved in importing and in functional food recipe/product development.

    I've recently quit my dayjob of (off and on) 25 years' standing (IT/IM, business analysis, project management) and taken a hard right -- a career change :rolleyes: . After a short time off I'll be signed up in my local (and solid) Culinary Arts program, way out West in Canada.

    I've no idea yet exactly what I'll be doing with that diploma, but that's in the far-ish more immediate need would seem to be to get back into the food service industry and bring in a few bucks to help pay for the training. I'm thinking of signing on with a catering firm or two or ? Some tips would be really appreciated! :eek: