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Now that I've posted a few times, I thought I would get around to actually introducing myself.... :)

My name is Dave, and I'm a chef/caterer/culinary arts instructor. I currently live in Indiana, but will be moving to Northern NJ in about a month. If aybody else is in Bergen/Passaic/Hudson/Essex counties, give a holler.

This seems like a great forum (I've just gotten into the online forum phenomenon a couple of weeks ago) so I'll be posting often. And I'll be happy to help any of you with questions whenever I can.

So until the next time.....
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Welcome amigo and look foreward to your contributions to this site. I hope you also enjoy this place as much as I have.Peace , Doug............
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Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid. I love this quote. Are you an employee or a owner? I used to work as a secretary for many years until 2 years ago I set up 2 cafe. But I closed them down recently as they are not generating good profit (because one is too small, seating capacity is limited whilst the other's location is pretty bad). Now I am lost. One hand I thought of returning to commercial world to work as secretary again, on the other hand I thought of opening restaurant, but of course, hoping to make it big this time. Do you have any advice? *sigh* pretty down about my career recently, can't seem to know my dreams.

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