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Hi everyone. My name is Chris Kalaboukis and I've just started a specialty food venture with my wife, selling dry rub spice mixes and spices over the internet. Checking in here to get ideas on how best to bring our products to bigger markets.

I can market IT stuff but I dont know the first thing about marketing a speciality food. Can anyone help me with pointers to resources etc?

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Welcome, Chris! I'm sure you'll have lots of good advice and feedback for your question. Best place to post such a query would be in the Inside Scoop forum, I think. People look there for topics like that, and here in the Welcome Forum for general introductions, etc.

Please tell us more about yourself. Besides rubs, what other culinary interests do you have? Favorite recipes, ingredients, etc.

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Welcome aboard!
To answer your question... let's look at the basics:
1. Where did you get your inspiration?
2. Who are you going after?
3. What, specifically, is your mission?

Let's go from there!
Again, welcome!
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