Greetings to everyone

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Good morning to my fellow chefs in the U.S.A. It is great to be able to communicate with other professional chefs.
I have read about a number of American chefs like Charlie Trotter
who is very highly rated on this side of the pond!
A trade magazine here in Britain does cover the American hospitality business,but is limited on space.
I would be grateful for news/information on the U.S.

Thank you,
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Good morning to you, Leo R. and welcome to Cheftalk.

You are not alone from England on this board, hope you meet with them soon.

I'm glad you know about Charlie Trotter.

Would you specify the type of news/information on the U.S. you are interested in?

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Leo R.

Welcome to cheftalk.

The pond is getting smaller isn't it.
We look forward to hearing from you soon
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Welcome Leo R. to Chef Talk . I really have enjoyed finding this site and I am sure you will enjoy also . There is a lot of knowledge shared on this site and I look forward to your posts.:) :bounce: :chef: :)
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Hello Kimmie,i am interested in a broad range of subjects on the
U.S. hospitality scene. I am a qualified chef, i hold an Advanced
Craft Diploma,which i could use towards a chef/lecturer post.
I have been cooking for 18 years and i still love it!!
I am also working towards membership of the Hotel & Catering
International Management Association.

I am very interested in the range of foods available in the U.S.
Are there any major food suppliers that export their products to
the U.K? In particular,fruit, vegetables, meat,etc.
I have seen a number of items that i would like to try,but, i don`t think they are available in the U.K. This may be due to an international trade agreement between our respective governments.

I do hope an American culinary team will be able to take part in
Hotelmpia,Earl`s Court, London in February. You have got a lot of
extremely talented chef`s, the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt proved that!! Best wishes, Leo R.
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Hi Leo,

Do you know anywhere I can get information about (public) food events in London? So far the only thing I have come across is the Good Food Show with all the BBC cooks, also at Olympia...

I'm not far away, and will use any excuse to drag my boyfriend to London!:rolleyes:

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Hi Leo

I have only recently found ChefTalk - it really is excellent.

I am also UK based living in Cheltenham - I am not a professional chef but I was down in London at the end of August for an interview to see if I could contribute to a new BBC cooking programme. Have not heard anything since then.:cry:

Why am I here? Because I can get answers and because I run one of the UK's biggest and best recipe and cooking web sites ;)

Do you fancy becoming a contributor and perhaps having your biography published? That applies to anyone wherever they live.
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I just took a quick glance at your website. It looks good and very interesting. It's already in my "favorites".

LeoR: We have lots of competent chefs on this board who will be happy to share common interests. Just wait'n see!

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