greetings to all

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Athenaeus lured me into this forum of culinary fantasy, so here I am, residing in Houston in the "temporary" position of a graduate student in biomedical sciences and finding wonderful things to read and study in the various postings.
I am not a kitchen professional so if my postings ever seem naive, please bear with me. I usually try to find info on things I don't know about, but not all info is good or true and what better place to engage in thoughtful conversation about food than here?
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Don't worry about niave posts, i'm sure you'll do just fine.

Maybe you can post how biomedical research impacks the foods we eat, if at all...

welcome and have fun:)
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Hi zouzouni.

I am sure you will have great time here.

People are very polite and extremely helpfull.

Do not lurk in the dark! Sometimes I feel that I post the number of messages the entire population of Greece would post, if it was subscribed :D
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Welcome! every one of us is naive about somethine or other, so post away!

What sort of biomedical research are you involved in?
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As has been stated already, any friend of Athenaeus's is okay with us! And as for naivete -- well, some of us know very little about biomedical sciences, so please bear with US. Looking forward to some interesting exchanges of information.:)
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cc writes:

"Maybe you can post how biomedical research impacks the foods we eat, if at all... "

we do, we do: we make a huge contribution to junk food vending machines, since invariably most students toiling away in the wee hours of the night need nourishment


marmalady asks:

"What sort of biomedical research are you involved in?"

I study the physiology of the gastrointestinal system
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Yasu, zouzouni!! Welcome to the "family". We'll look forward to your posts. But I'll take a pass on the kokoretsi. Pass the fish and skordalia my way, though.....
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Howdy! Houston Texas?
I'm in the "temporary" position as pot washer here in Dallas. I owe A. a cake in the shape of a pink cadillac, maybe you can collect. If you're in need, there is always a good old home cooked meal for you in Big D.
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